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The Great Escape

Intersecting destinies, shared adventures

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The perfectly urban look that brings to mind the ideal son-in-law. Burgundy, grey and navy-blue tones contrast with a coral that enriches this collection, complemented by refined motifs.


Its vivid and contrasting colors, motifs as mesmerizing as they are geometrically perfect, and its icy atmosphere make Russia a strong, resolute and powerful feminine theme.

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122 kilometres
in a bivouac

The bivouac, offering perfect self-sufficiency between icy rivers, pristine mountains and wooded areas, allows you to push your limits. Mountaineering ropes and carabiners mingle with shades of blue - from marine to electric - and forest green and lime.

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The urban

An urban, sporty and minimalist style punctuated by a desire to bring nature into your home and into the cities. Oily, exotic and aromatic plants give strength to the city's grayish tones, sometimes punctuated by the orange neon lights of urban signs.


Japan is
the backdrop

Poetry, tranquillity and wonder set the tone for decisively different collections. Sobriety, elegant patterns and fresh tones for the men's collection. A turquoise Ying, a purple Yang and floral motifs for the feminine side.

In the footsteps
of the Gauchos

More rustic, practical and down-to-earth, the expanses of the desert, home to the gauchos, inspire and stimulate the sensation of hard work and perpetual travel. With a warm/cold contrast complemented by more ethnic and authentic patterns, there is only room for the essentials.

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