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The J&JOY brand likes to be active in the social and philanthropic spheres.
The J&JOY foundation helps children in India to get a better education. The brand partially finances a whole series of projects including a mobile school which visits the most far-flung villages in order to teach children to read, write and count. It also helps the charity « Objectif Ô » to make more drinking water wells in deprived areas of India and Africa. Each year, new projects are launched and tracked by the J&JOY foundation.

We also help other charities such as « Les Petits Riens » in Belgium.

We are proud to be the only ready-made clothing brand in Belgium to have our own philanthropic fund, which is endorsed and managed by the Fondation Roi Baudouin.

All clothing made by the brand is manufactured « with Dignity », meaning it is made in factories practising fair trade business methods; not employing workers under the age of 16, and limiting the maximum number of working hours in accordance with international working agreements (no enforced labour, etc.)

All factories are certified by the ILO (International Labor Organisation) and respect the charter put in place by this organisation.


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